The Event Network is comprised of members of the events industry including event organisers, venues and suppliers. 

Membership of the network is not limited or restricted by numbers of members nor individual skills, experience or industry.

The network provides a voice for the local events industry, stakeholders and members of the community. The network also offers a platform for information sharing and industry development.


Aims and objectives

The Events Network was developed as an outcome of the former Dubbo City Events Strategy.

Aims and objectives of the network are to:

  • Help build the Region’s event industry capability by providing support and advice to event organisers and stakeholders.
  • Help identify opportunities for growth and development of the Region’s events industry.
  • Provide a channel of communication between the Region's event industry and Dubbo Regional Council.


For more information contact Dubbo Regional Council's Marketing, Events and Partnerships team on 6801 4000 or

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